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Kid Corner
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New Self offers high quality childcare for infants through school-age children, providing parents the opportunity to have some personal time, knowing that their children are in a safe learning environment nearby. "One Adult with Children" and "Family" memberships include complimentary childcare while you take time for renewal at New Self, plus discounted pricing on our enrichment classes for children. Kid Corner also includes a space for parents to enjoy a meal with their children during their time in the center.

Here are just a few highlights of Kid Corner:

  • An large check-in area with lots of space for each child's coat, diaper bag, shoes and snacks to stay neatly organized and easy to locate.
  • Our very own potty! Now our potty-trained kiddos will be able to take care of their 1's and 2's without staff having to call you out of your workout.
  • A separate area for the babies. A half-wall area allows the wee ones a bit of separation from the more mobile ages.
  • A chalkboard wall for ongoing artistic creativity, without the messy markers.
  • A big, bright, beautiful space that will allow your children ample room to explore and use their imaginations!

  • When you enter the space, the North wall houses a large coat hook/check-in space. Please notice the following:

  • The black paint above the top row of hooks is chalkboard paint. Please write your child's name on the chalk board wall above his or her chosen hook.
  • Place any snacks or sippy cups you have brought for your child on the top shelf above his or her name. Please remember to LABEL all snacks and cups with the markers provided so that staff makes sure everyone gets the correct snack and/or cup.
  • The top row of hooks is for diaper bags. Please remember to bring extra diapers, wipes and a change of clothing for your child every time you visit Kid Corner.
  • The bottom row of hooks is for your child's coat.
  • The bench cubby is for shoes and boots.
  • Proceed to the check-in desk for your usual Kid Corner check-in.
  • Let the exploration of the new space begin! We can't wait to see how your children react to the space!

  • Snacks in Kid Corner - Nut-free Zone

    Our policy states the following about snacks in Kid Corner: "Parents are to provide (or purchase from the cafe) a snack for their child each time they visit Kid Corner, if they feel their child(ren) will want a snack. Parents do not need to be present, but, of course, are welcome." To keep safety as a top priority, Kid Corner recommends snacks such as cheese sticks, goldfish or other crackers, puffs, cheerios or granola bars. For the safety of our children with allergies, please refrain from bringing nut-based snacks to Kid Corner. We will continue to provide milk to our Kid Corner friends.

    Top Reasons Kids Love Kid Corner:

    1. The wonderful genuine attention, care and love provided by the staff!
    2. The slides
    3. Snack time
    4. Drawing Elmo!
    5. The digger and the mower
    6. Puzzles and coloring
    7. Go Dog, Go! Book
    8. Seeing "Big Brother Arik" and Jessi
    9. Jumping around

    Top Reasons Moms Love Kid Corner:

    1. See #1 above.
    2. Having a place to exercise as well as relax and ultimately rejuvenate knowing that my child is being so well cared for by such wonderful people!
    3. Sunny, safe, fun environment for the kids.
    4. Lunch time together with kids and moms.
    5. Milk is always available for the kids.
    6. Watching my children learn to play with other children and make friends.
    7. I can workout and run into Kid Corner to breastfeed at any time.
    8. I feel loved and supported by the staff.
    9. Staff really do love my kids and they feel it.