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Fitness Hours:
Mon-Fri: 5 am - 10 pm
(staffed 6 am - 2 pm*)
Sat & Sun: 5 am - 10 pm

*Towel service available during staffed hours.

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Introduction to Personal Training! Have you been wondering what a personal training session is like or how working with a personal trainer might help you take your fitness goals to the next level? Then call today to schedule an introduction to personal training class - free to New Self members. One of our trainers will take you (and a friend, if you like) through a typical training program and explain the benefits of working more closely with a trainer. We also have some great personal training packages available for our members!

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    New Self features small class sizes, allowing for more individual attention from our trainers. All classes are included with membership or a day pass purchase, unless otherwise noted. Please note that classes are held on a first-come, first-serve basis. Class sizes are based on equipment availability as well as space considerations. All classes have a difficulty rating and class description. Please choose classes appropriate for your fitness level.

    Your promptness is appreciated! If no one has arrived to take a fitness class by 10 minutes after the appointed time, that class will not be held. Late arrivals are welcome if class is already in session.

    New Self Calendar

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    Class Descriptions:

    Class difficulty is ranked on a scale from 1-5, with 1 being a beginner level class and 5 being an advanced level class.

    72: (Difficulty: 5; Class Limit: 8) Is the number of stairs in this stairwell! Looking for a unique and challenging cardio workout to get through the winter? This combined cardio and strength class is held in the 'secret' stairwell at New Self and is intended for people who are ready to WORK!

    ABC's - Arms, Back & Chest (Difficulty: 3; Class Limit: 5) Feel free to practice your alphabet during this 30-minute class as you strengthen your upper body to help tone those arms and improve your posture.

    Athletic Stretching: (Difficulty: 1; Class Limit: 7) Controlled stretches that prevent stiffness and tendon shortening as well as reduce muscular tension and prevent injury. Please arrive a few minutes early to warm up prior to class!

    BAGS (Backs-Abs-Glutes-Shoulders): (Difficulty: 3-4; Class Limit: 7) This is a low impact workout focusing on your abs, back and glutes using a variety of accessories (e.g., resistance bands, weights, balls).

    Bench Body: (Difficulty: 4-5; Class Limit: 5) You'll burn calories and shape your body with lots of variety but no complex choreography in this non-dancey, challenging step workout.

    Boot Camp: (Difficulty: 1-5, can be modified to all levels; Class Limit: 10) Small group workouts, with all the benefits of personal training in a fun motivating group environment. You will never know what to expect: Cardio & Resistance Training? Core strengthening? Functional Fitness? Kick Boxing? Athletic Intervals? Running? Balance? Plyometrics? Calisthenics? A little bit of everything? We'll keep you guessing week-to-week! (Note: Boot Camp Express is a 30-minute class.)

    BOSU: (Difficulty: 5; Class Limit: 6) A challenging cardio class on the BOSU, followed by an intensive strengthening class that utilizes the BOSU along with a variety of fitness accessories including bands, dumbbells and kettleballs.

    BOSU Boot Camp: (Difficulty: 4-5; Class Limit: 10) Just another way to get in a good workout on the BOSU! Different from the class, stations will be set up involving the BOSU as well as utilizing other equipment in the gym such as ellipticals, treadmills and the bike.

    Kettleball: (Difficulty: 3-4; Class Limit: 7, depending on kettle ball weight needs for each participant) Involves whole body conditioning because the entire musculature of the body, particularly the 'core', must contract as a group due to lifting and controlling the Kettleball.

    PEPP: (Difficulty: 2; Class Limit: 7) Performance Enhancing Prehabilitation Program (formerly CORE I) emphasizes the muscles that stabilize the spine, pelvis and run the entire length of the torso. Great class for overall strengthening as well as understanding what defines muscles of the "core."

    PowerABS: (Difficulty: 4; Class Limit: 7) Formerly Power CORE, it is strongly suggested that you spend time participating in PEPP for a more specific understanding of what defines Core and for proper mechanics of movement.

    Stir Fry: (Difficulty: 1-5, can be modified to all levels; Class Limit: 10) Curious? Check out this mixed class where anything goes—you won't get bored!

    Stability Ball Blast: (Difficulty: 3-4; Class Limit: 5) This is a full body strength and toning workout. Dumbbells and bodyweight exercises will be utilized to bring your muscles to fatigue like never before! Discover what it feels like and means to lift to muscular failure with lower loads.

    Xtreme Xertion (X2): (Difficulty: 6, no modifications; Class Limit: 6) Need we say more? This class was designed with advanced Boot Camp participants in mind. Come prepared for an intense workout. Promptness is mandatory.

    Yoga: (Difficulty: 2; Class Limit: 12) Class open to all levels (from complete beginner to advanced). Each class will focus on a universal heart-oriented theme that will connect through a brief guided meditation to a series of poses. Participants will use breath and movement to cultivate physical awareness and sensitivity as well as increase strength, balance, flexibility and inner peace. Empty bellies, comfortable clothing and a light-hearted sense of play encouraged. Classes taught by Sarah Kissel and Jana Laughlin. (Please bring your own mat if you are able.)

    Services Non-Member Price
    (per session)
    Member Price
    (per session)
    Personal Training (package pricing) $70 $50
    Rehabilitative Fitness (package pricing) $80 $60
    Wellness Consultation $35 $25

    Childcare During Services:

    Childcare is available in Kid Corner so parents are able to enjoy a massage, nail service or personal training session at New Self. Some memberships include childcare. For those with memberships that do not include childcare and non-members, our rates are per service visit (not per hour). You will be billed along with your service after you have finished: $10 for 1 child, $15 for 2 or more children

    Please note: Parents with memberships that include childcare are welcome to use some or all of their 2 hours and 45 minutes per day childcare time toward their service(s). However, any childcare time used over this amount will still be subject to the full childcare fees listed above.

    Any parents who bring their children with them while using our spa services are asked to leave their children in Kid Corner for the duration of the service. Any child receiving spa services must be at least 10 years old at time of visit.